Saturday, 21 February 2015

Story of my life

This story was happened at my own house. AS live at small island at the small village, the main activity people here are farming and fishing. Lot of spiritual activity been done during the back day to protect their farm and family. After a decade those spiritual activity not been done anymore and lot of people just abandon that "thing". During my day, the story begin.

Story 1-

My house just like ordinary village house with kitchen at the back (and thankfully toilet not outside the house) when that night, AS just make some drink at kitchen all alone, suddenly AS heard baby crying. First thought that maybe my little brother was cried inside the house. AS just act usual and made my hot chocolate drink. AS just wash the dish in the sink, the baby cried more hard and louder. AS catch the sound where it came from, and its sound on the roof near the jack-fruit tree outside the house. AS stop washing, took my drink and go to living room immediately.  AS don't tell to anyone, then just watching TV at living room. Then, my mother go to the kitchen and turn back to living room ask AS if AS heard anything in the kitchen. AS told her and my mom did heard that too. Then, stop thinking, turn TV off and go to bed early that night.

Story 2-

Semester break, AS going back to hometown. AS came to my loving house and miss my heaven bed room. hahahahahaha. Just put all my thing inside the room and that night before i'm going to bed, AS felt someone is watching me inside the room. ( AS think you all ever feel the same way). Because my room been left almost 5 months and nobody stay at that room. Like always AS just pretending no one there. So, that night that "thing" playing with my foot and step on it. AS do feel the "thing" playing around my foot, cause its keep following step on my foot, even AS been move my foot a side. It step on it but not hurt my foot, so AS just ignore it until the morning. maybe that "thing" get mad AS took his bed that night. So the next night AS done little bit zikr and little bit doa (read the 3 qul) .. so i'm just  do fine, no one disturb anymore. :) . .

Story 3-

This incident happen when AS was in secondary school, That moment AS still sharing bed room with my elder brothers, so our parents buy double-decker bed  for us but no one wanna sleep  the upper bed. AS just like to sleep on the mattress at the floor. My other elder brothers just came back from college at that night for semester break and he took other mattress on the upper bed and put beside my mattress. Then he going to living room to watch a football that night. After football match finish, he come back to room to take a sleep. Suddenly, when he lay down on the mattress he been kick out by that "thing"  and the bed sheet come to neat and tidy back. That night my brother just sleep at living room and that "thing" sleep beside me all night. He just told me the morning AS wake-up.

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