Saturday, 28 February 2015

Incarnation -Jelmaan

Kisah ini bermula, mulut orang kampung, kisah ramai gadis cantik kat jelobu berkampung.. nope nope nope.. AS wont tell story about a beautiful chick, but AS wanna share are story that has been told . This happen at my own house, what I've told you guys before, AS living at the small Village. Im living with my late grandpa (Gp), His the one told me about "Jelmaan". 

Story 4-

A long day of work, Gp take a rest at the back house at the same time clean and put all the thing after gardening. That time was sunset and turn to dark. Suddenly, Gp saw grandma (Gm) at the bush near the "garbage burnt". Gp just let Gm over there maybe she want to throw garbage or something. Then, for a while Gm doesn't move a step from that place. Gp is wondering why Gm stay at that place at the time like this without moving. Then, Gp shout loud to call Gm, and no respond from Gm, Then the real Gm respond inside the house. Gp go have a look through a window saw Gm inside. When Gp turn round no one there anymore. 

Garbage burnt-

Story 5-

This story occur when my Gm saw my elder brother play under the jack-fruit tree all alone. almost the same time when the sun going to down and almost dark. Gm try to call him several time without answering. That morning my elder have played under the jack-fruit tree. So its been duplicated my brother act. After a few times calling my elder suddenly Gm remembered what just happened before this. Gm totally right my elder was inside the house.

Story 6-

This happen several years before, when my family decided to build a house at the back from the older house. I think its from the same "jelmaan". Once again that thing turn to be a same like my elder. This story has been told by my auntie that came to my house to looking around at the new house as well waiting her husband doing a wiring things. When she sitting outside that house. She saw my elder coming straight from  the pathway at my older house to the pathway the new house, his not coming to the house but straightforward to the bush and gone. My auntie also try to call him but its just walk without turn around. Actually my elder already inside that house helping my uncle.

I don't know either this story its real or not because I just been told and not from my self experience. Have this ever happened to your life guys?? Share with us..

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